Radius Manager v3.8.0 disponible

El día 16 de Julio se ha publicado la versión v3.8.0 del servidor radius de DMA Softlab, Radius Manager. Los archivos de instalación pueden ser descargados si se tiene una suscripción activa y desde el portal.

El licenciamiento a partir de ésta versión han cambiado por una nueva política de precios.

Los cambios son:


*** v 3.8.0 *** 2010-07-16 ***
-discount billing periods (hours of day)
-definable time periods when connection is allowed
-reseller system
-pfSense captive portal support
-automatically synchronized clients.conf (ACP)
-controllable RADIUS service activity (ACP)
-superuser can assign users to managers in ACP
-prepaid card activation option (SMS)
-user definable PIN code length, optional password for cards
-improved PDF card printing (background picture, PIN, password, valid till field)
-invoice instead of receipt (online payments)
-completely reorganized invoice browsing system
-PayPal Website Payments Standard support (Credit Card and balance payment)
-DPS Payment Express support (Credit Card)
-resellers can change services immediately (ACP)
-users can change services immediately (UCP)
-NASes are assigned to services instead of users
-optimized user list view
-installer support for Debian
-user groups introduced
-find users by group, email, country, state
-user definable sim-use values of cards and IAS templates
-improved ACP menu system
-reopen closed sessions if they are active again (online users list is always in sync with NAS)
-only superuser can access syslog, system informations and CTS report
-SMS verification of IAS accounts

-ACP manager password change problem fixed
-card system time unit problem fixed (broken in 3.7.0)
-IAS Netcash CC payment system fixed (broken in 3.7.0)
-PayPal gateway problems fixed (broken in 3.7.0)
-allow generating classic prepaid cards for free (price = 0)
-wrong language selection in ACP / system settings fixed
-CSV download problem fixed
-mass emails are sent for regular and Hotspot MAC users only
-UCP / change service: the current service is not listed anymore
-ACP / new user deposit field added
-mass mailer supports external SMTP relay
-rm_allowednases index problem fixed
-useradd UNIX command instead of adduser (Debian compatibility)
-IAS price cannot be zero
-in next services static IP is not used, supporting expired account redirection
-completely revorked invoice storage system with less redundancy
-completely revorked credits adding system
-add additional credits price problem fixed (broken in 3.7.0)
-postpaid (batch) billing total amount problem fixed
-UCP purchase service vulnerability fixed
-traffic summary calculation problem fixed
-resellers are forced to create new accounts with zero initial credits
-change service resets the caps (if enabled)

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  1. como puedo adquirir la licencia desde argentina?

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