Paper de Ataque DOS Acá les paso un enlace de un paper muy bueno sobre un ataque DOS y sus variantes y como responder ante ello.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks have recently emerged as one of the most newsworthy, if not the greatest, weaknesses of the Internet. Overview Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a relatively new development; reports of the first DDoS attacks surfaced in mid-1999, with the highest-profile attacks coming in early 2000 against sites like,, eBay and E-Trade. Clearly, the challenge these attacks present is a serious one. While you alone can't do much to protect yourself, as a community we can improve the situation. The victims were unreachable for several hours each. A brief note on usage: the network where these attacks are taking place is called the «Internet'', with a capital «I''; it is the public network shared by people all over the world. An «internet'', with a lower-case «i'', is a collection of networks interconnected; many organizations have private internets. The Internet is the result of inter-connecting a gigantic number of private internets.

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