Nuevas Versiones de Mikrotik

Ya han pasado varios días en los que salieron nuevas versiones de ambas ramas del RouterOS Mikrotik, tenemos la 2.9.48 que trae varios cambios en el changelog que son:

*) fixed vlan on bridge – some firewall features did not work;
*) improved warez/ares p2p protocol matching
*) fixed memory leak in ospf that is triggered by adding/removing a lot of dynamic interfaces;
*) fixed bug in routing-test package;
*) updated timezone information;
*) user manager – fixed bug for credit extension using PayPal payments;

Para la rama v3 también hay una nueva versión, la 3.0rc7 con una lista importante de agregados:

*) ftpd – automatically reboot after finishing upload that has name *.auto.npk;
*) added support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U;
*) ping – show more types of ICMP reply messages, like in 2.9 versions;
*) add ICMP MPLS extension support to traceroute;
*) console detects terminal size and capabilities, TERM environment variable is not used, so now this works even over serial;
*) console – fixed crash on non-ASCII characters in input and output;
*) console – export correctly strings that contain control characters;
*) fixed in console – when argument value evaluation produces error, report that error instead of "invalid value for …" message;
*) console – changed the way how required command arguments are processed, now commands like "enable [find]" don't fail with error when find returns nothing;
*) fixed memory leak on RB500;
*) fixed layer7 protocol matcher, did not handle x.. sequences correctly;
*) fixed allow-shared-key mode for wireless;
*) fixed station-pseudobridge mode when used in combination with nstreme framer-policy;
*) fixed hidden ssid issues with wds links;
*) SNTP client – adjust DST according to timezone settings when clock changes;
*) console – fixed crash when terminal size is extremely small (like 1×1), assume default width 80 if terminal is too narrow;
*) SNTP – fixed overflow bug, now clocks are adjusted correctly if initial time is way back (like jan/01/1970 on routerboards);
*) added RIPng support in WinBox;
*) added BGP for IPv6 support in WinBox;
*) added PIM support in WinBox;
*) added hide passwords option to WinBox;
*) added regular expression matching to dns resolver static entries;
*) user manager – fixed bug for credit extension using PayPal payments;

Como vemos ahora se reinicia automáticamente al subir en archivo llamado *auto.npk, el agregado ICMP MPLS que indica que Mikrotik esta pensando mucho en la calidad de servicio con MPLS, el ocultamiento de las contraseñas en el winbox, entre otros.
En ambos hay un agregado importante que es el de un mejorado reconocimiento para el protocolo del Ares/Warez, que ahora que he actualizado mis routers voy a testear y comentar como funciona.