Mikrotik v3.10 liberada

Recién me llega el mailing de Mikrotik informando que una nueva versión v3.10 del RouterOS ha sido liberada y lo interesante son la lista de agregados que tiene, son varios los interesantes entre ellos:

  • added fan control for RB433;
  • ipsec - added Dead Peer Detection
  • added address-list attribute support in user-manager

Acá le paso el changelog parcial, pueden ver el completo también. Pueden bajar el RouterOS de la página de Mikrotik.

What’s new in 3.10:
*) added Multilink PPP to PPPoE client – just specify multiple interfaces

to enable it;

*) added ability to add dynamicly PPTP, L2TP & PPPoE client addresses

to firewall address-list, specified in ppp profile,

or via RADIUS in Mikrotik:19;

*) added address-list attribute support in user-manager;

*) added fan control for RB433;

*) api – some properties were included multiple times in getall responses;

*) port – properly tag all inactive ports;

*) port – fixed memory leak that was triggered by addition/removal of

USB serial ports;

*) changed post-boot critical log messages – write a separate log entry

explainig the cause of an non-administrative reboot, such as watchdog

ping timeout, even if system rebooted cleanly;

*) fixed user-manager ‘database rebuild’ command to correct database errors;

*) fixed bug – user-manager customer password was not decoded

correctly when database backup was transferred

between Intel/RB100/RB500 and RB300/RB400/RB600/RB1000;

*) fixed bug – «/blink» command did not work on RB300/RB600/RB1000;

*) allow to configure OSPF authentication key ID;

*) allow to include bridge interface in a mesh interface;

*) ipsec – added Dead Peer Detection;

*) fixed some random crashes on RB411 & RB433;

*) fixed bug – OpenVPN could corrupt data on high load and force other end to disconnect;

*) fixed bug – DHCP server did not return DHCP options in response to


2 comentarios

  1. Maxi:
    Instale en un rb532 el 3.10 y no e logrado hacer funcionar pppoe y user manager, es posible que los dos estén en el mismo RB? siempre me da radius time out.

    Saludos, y muy bueno el sitio..

  2. Maxi

    6 junio, 2008 a las 15:08

    Si se puede tener los 2 en un mismo RB