Ha salido un firewall Multi-OS, por lo que veo en la nota es muy interesante las funciones que tiene, yo lo estoy por bajar y testearlo en mi RED. Despues les comento como me fue.

Finally a Multi-OS Firewall/VPN software package LazyPerson writes "After more than a year of beta-testing, F/X Communications in Denmark is finally able to offer the first Release Candidate of their flexible, and uniquely powerful multi-platform "Deep Packet Inspection" Firewall. The InJoy Firewall 3.0 provides cutting-edge Firewall and IPSec VPN technology for enterprise servers. It includes all the powerful features that most businesses and busy professionals crave, such as: Pre-configured security templates New Deep Packet Inspection technolgoy Intrusion Detection (IDS) Internet Sharing Web-filtering E-borne virus protection Bandwidth management Remote administration, Full IPSec VPN capability Much more… As the ONLY software firewall in the world, the InJoy Firewall provides the exact same set of features acrosss Linux, Windows 2000/2003/XP, OS/2 Warp and eComStation! For the first time ever, businesses can now install the same firewall software on both Windows and Linux. The results are: Significantly lowered cost of ownership Cross-platform unified end-point security Simplified VPN deployment A future-proof installation Please check the InJoy Firewall homepage for more details. Fuente:Security Protocols