Actualizaciones Mikrotik

Hoy día salieron 2 actualizaciones para los RouterOS, una es la que había quedado pendiente hace tiempo, la 2.9.51, con una de las actualizaciones era esperada, la corrección de un bug para la base de datos del User Manager cuando pasaba los 21MB.  Otro arreglo de esta versión es el traffic shaping del P2P Ares.

En la versión de la rama v3 tenemos otra actualización, una interesante esta a nivel del proxy que ahora cuando se define una src-address las conecciones salientes la utilizarán. También hay agregados a nivel de comandos monitor en consola y el arreglo para Vlan a nivel Wireless. Acá van los changelogs de uno y otro. Pueden bajar las versiones en el sitio de Mikrotik

What's new in 3.4:

*) improve transmit lockup detection to work around issues with few wireless
*) fixed bug – RB100/RB500 upgrade from RouterOS v2.9 could fail if
version 2.9 was installed by netinstall from v3;
*) console – compatibility syntax for 'find' and 'print where' expressions.
If = or != operation has as the left operand name of item property, without
leading '$', then right hand operand is parsed according to the syntax
of that propery. This also adds back command line completions. Example:
/ip address print where interface=ether1
ether1 was parsed as a reference to variable "ether1", now it is parsed as
name of the interface, like in version 2.9;
*) backup – proceed on read errors, log errors with topics "backup, critical";
*) console – allow commands like 'monitor' and '/tool fetch' in scheduler
*) web proxy – when src-address is specified, use it for outgoing connections;
*) fixed crash in pppoe, pptp & l2tp when using ip pools with radius server;
*) added support for Option Fusion UMTS Quad-GPRS (Vodafone Globetrotter);
*) fixed VLAN on wireless not running after reboot issue;

What's new in 2.9.51:

*) graphing – fixed bug;
*) fixed bug – user manager database in-use counter was wrong
for database size over 21 MB;
*) fixed p2p – bandwidth shaping on ARES P2P traffic was not working properly;
*) fixed bug – dhcp server failed to give out options with code > 127;
*) fixed bug – r8169 could crash the router after some time;
*) graphing – bugfixes; health section restored;
*) user manager – fixed security bug in user page;
*) user manager – fixed ampersand bug;
*) user manager – fixed bug related to download/upload counter overflow in reports;