Encontré esta lista de acronimos que me parecieron útiles de publicar. AP=Access Point CPE=Customer premises equipment NAT=Network Address Translation P2MP=Point to Multi-Point P2P=Point to Point VPN=Vritual Private Network mW=Milliwatt MW=megawatt GHz=Gigahertz Mhz=Megahertz Wi-Fi=Wireless Fidelity VoIP=Voice over Internet Protocol Pop=Point of Presence WiPOP=Wireless Point of Presence LAN=Local Area Network WAN=Wide area network LOL=Lots of Laughs HTH=Hope this helps LOS – Line of Sight NLOS – Not Line of Sight POE – Power over Ethernet, though for awhile i thought it was probably Point of Entrance/Exit as in through a building wall Ahora yo digo HTH